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  1. Aug 16,  · A wide shot, also called a long shot or a full shot, is a shot that shows the subject within their surrounding environment. A wide shot tells the audience who is in the scene, where the scene is set, and when the scene takes place. Wide shots allow actors to utilize their physicality and give the director a lot of space in which to work.
  2. A wide shot (WS for short) is a type of camera shot where a character or group of characters is completely within the frame. Wide shots are also referred to as long shots or full shots, and filmmakers use this type of cinematic scene-building to give the audience the context, space, scale, or distance of the subject or subjects in the scene.
  3. Aug 29,  · The extreme wide shot is utilized when you want a character to feel completely overmatched or unimportant in their world. An extreme wide shot can also be used as an establishing shot. They’re wide — so, so wide — that a viewer can’t help but take in the full, wide scope of the setting being presented by the filmmakers.
  4. Wiktionary ( / 2 votes)Rate this definition: wide shot (Noun) A video or film recording made with the camera positioned to observe the most action in the performance.
  5. Jan 10,  · A wide shot can be used to establish a scene, convey a character’s emotional state of mind, and explore every nook and cranny of a landscape. When utilized correctly, the wide shot can add drama or tension and build on your story’s atmosphere.
  6. The company Wideshot was founded by Oliver Bertram and Johannes Mücke, based on the idea that the world is demanding creative services that combine architecture and design with the world of entertainment.
  7. Jul 16,  · Directed by Stanley Kubrick. With Tom Cruise, Nicole Kidman, Todd Field, Sydney Pollack. A New York City doctor embarks on a harrowing, night-long odyssey of sexual and moral discovery after his wife reveals a painful secret to him.
  8. Jul 02,  · A wide shot is too far to detect subtleties in body language, and a close-up cuts it off completely. A medium shot is the ideal distance to capture an actor’s subtle physicality choices. To transition back to another type of shot. Cutting from wide shots to extreme close-up shots without an intermediary shot is jarring to the audience.
  9. The wide shot frames a character from head to toe. It is also referred to as a long shot or a full shot. These shots are used to show the audience the context and space of a scene. They should feature scale, distance, and location. The image above is one of the many great examples of a wide shot from Django Unchained.

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